At The UGLI Foundation, we envision a world where we’re all kind to each other. A world where we accept and embrace our differences as beauty. We created UGLIUNIQUE, GIFTED, LOVED, INDIVIDUAL – because we believe this can be a reality. We believe if we all work together, we can end bullying. Forever. 

Bullying affects everyone. It happens at school, work and in our communities. It also follows us home on social media and digital platforms. We need to talk about these problems and confront them head on, so we know who and how to help before it’s too late.  

We created the UGLI Club Grant to accomplish our long-term vision to end the chain of hate. Join us and take action so future generations can live a reality filled with love and encouragement. 

Grant Overview 

The UGLI Foundation awards the UGLI Club Grant to middle and high schools working to address bullying. The funds serve as a one-time financial contribution towards the launch of an UGLI Club, a place of support for those who have been bullied, and an inclusive community focused on spreading love and kindness.   

Grant recipients must utilize the funds to create an UGLI Club and be able to deliver meaningful and measurable results.  

To apply, the Foundation will require the following: 

  • An adult staff member to sponsor and be main point of contact for UGLI Club.  
  • A complete UGLI Grant application that includes a plan outlining your goals and school impact. 
  • OPTIONAL: Video submission explaining your motivation for starting an UGLI Club. 

After securing the Grant, the Foundation will require the following: 

  • Completion of the provided program budget with information on how funds were used. 
  • Pictures and videos of the UGLI club in action at the end of every quarter.   
  • Completion of the provided middle and end of year reports including results from your goals and description of significant challenges experienced during the school year. 

In addition, the club sponsor must agree to meet with The UGLI Foundation in the middle and end of the school year to discuss and review the Club’s progress. 


Grant size is a one-time financial contribution of $2,000.  Funds will be distributed at the start of the 2023-24 school year.  


To be considered eligible for support, applicants must be an accredited public, private, or charter school located in the United States.  


The Foundation does not support: 

  • Grants to individuals. 
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes. 
  • Sponsorships or fundraising events. 
  • Direct political lobbying. 
  • Endowments or capital requests. 
  • Government entities. 
  • How do I know if my organization is eligible to receive a grant from The UGLI Foundation? 
    • Your organization must be an accredited public, private, or charter school located in the United States. 
  • What happens after I apply?
    • The UGLI Foundation Board of Directors and/or their designees will review all applications and determine if an award will be approved and the amount. Only completed applications received by the deadline will be presented for consideration. All applicants will be notified by email of their grant application status.

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