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Bullying is out of control.

We’ve all been there. We’ve been bullied, we know someone who was bullied, or we were the bully. Bullying comes in many forms and is directed toward everyone. There’s cyberbullying, racism, spiritual bullying, sexism, gender bullying. We must do something now to protect and support each other. This is why we created UGLI. Through The UGLI Foundation we are working to end the chain of hate by responding with messages of love. #IamUGLI

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It’s working.

“UGLI is a group that’s dedicated to bringing light into darkness for many kids around the country. They’re a dedicated team with a true love for vulnerable kids.”

“We see cyberbullying and its effects on a daily basis, words have power. Thanks to UGLI for the work they’re doing in taking a stand, because we all deserve respect.”

“Bullying can dramatically change a life – but so can love and support. I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with UGLI and look forward to watching their impact!”