Donate to The UGLI Foundation

Join us in our mission to end bullying. Forever.

Our vision is to make the world a kinder place where each person is UNIQUE, GIFTED, LOVED, INDIVIDUAL.

Donate to The UGLI Foundation

Help us connect with those at the school level that need comfort, support, and a place in the world. We want to AMPLIFY our message to today’s youth and engage those who want to make a change, a change for the better in a world where individuals don’t always lift each other up.

Through The UGLI Foundation we’re working to end the chain of hate by responding with messages of love by changing the narrative behind the word U G LYI

Your Donation Means:

  • Spreading our logo across all that can see so that our youth knows that being UNIQUE, GIFTED, LOVED, INDIVIDUAL is cool!
  • Engaging in the youth of today that holds the influential power over students so they can use their social media for good and not for hate
  • Provide students with the correct tools to help them learn how to handle bullies

Donations of $150+ will receive an UGLI branded T-shirt as a thank for your support. Show the world you’re proud to be UNIQUE. GIFTED. LOVED. INDIVIDUAL.