Congrats, you are officially an
UGLI Student Ambassador!

Thank you for joining us in our mission to end bullying. Forever.

The UGLI Foundation programs provide the tools necessary for individuals to heal from bullying, prevent bullying, and change the mindset of those who are the bully.

As the newest Student Ambassador, we’re asking you to spread kindness and amplify our vision for a world where everyone is UNIQUE. GIFTED. LOVED. INDIVIDUAL.

To assist you in your ambassador journey, we have created a password protected folder with UGLI Foundation materials including a Student Ambassador Toolkit. To access these documents head to the Student Ambassador Resources tab on Password: UGLIAmb

You can also connect with your fellow Student Ambassadors in the UGLI Student Ambassadors Facebook Group. This is a private group and a safe space to share your bullying experience and empowerment techniques.

Spread the word.

Do you know of organizations, athletic teams, youth groups, etc. that may benefit from information about UGLI? Share your experience, share your knowledge. Let’s spread the meaning of UGLI across your school.

Help us change the conversation on social media. Tell your friends and followers what you are doing and why. Don’t forget to tag us!

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Give back to those who need it most.

Reach out to someone just to check in. There are many instances when bullying stays silent. By opening the conversation, you can help someone work through challenging times. Share some of your new anti-bullying action steps when applicable.

Help us inspire others to be UGLI.

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