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Student Ambassadors

Stand up for what is right!

Help support those who have been hurt, stand up for those that are being bullied and continue to be kind to all.

Brand Ambassadors

Calling all social media influencers! 

Help us amplify our message to stop bullying. The more people that recognize the brand will in turn recognize that they are too UNIQUE, GIFTED, LOVED, INDIVIDUAL and not alone.

All Ambassadors will receive UGLI swag to show to their friends and family that they are an “UGLI Space”, a place where individuals can go to feel safe against hate.

UGLI Chats

As a way for youth and adults to be inspired, encouraged, feel understood and united, UGLI Chats are available to schools, corporate events, and community organizations.

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UGLI Partnerships

We are only as strong as our partnerships. We have selected several organizations around the country to partner in helping them carry out their missions of anti-bullying and mental health.

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Together we can stopbullying.

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